There are around four and a half million small businesses in the UK, all of them working hard to turn a profit and deliver excellent services in a world that seems to be increasingly dominated by multi-national corporations. For us, life can be difficult enough as it is. Unfortunately, if we don’t have sufficient data backup, life can quickly become even harder.

I’ve been there myself, working all hours of the day and night, trying to keep ahead, trying to deliver only the best for my customers. In the process, it’s easy to neglect the small things. We all know that we should take extra precautions with our data. We know that it’s worth going to the extra effort, but sometimes we have enough to do already and it gets pushed to the wayside.

It’s been said before, but it remains true; we all treat data loss how we treat the lottery – we know it’s bound to happen to someone, somewhere, but we believe there’s no way it can happen to us.

Believe me, it can and if it does it will be crippling for your business.

It only takes one small mistake, one little accident, for you to lose your essential data. Around 50% of the time it is due to hardware or software failure, or else accidental deletion. Computer viruses account for around 30% of data loss and theft for around 10%. Fire is also a major factor to consider.

Even the businesses that already have backup systems in place find that they leave the processes unchecked and don’t update them regularly enough. What’s the use in having the systems in place if you don’t even know whether they’re working correctly?

If the unthinkable happens there is only one likely outcome; around 70% of businesses that suffer catastrophic data loss will close within 18 months.

I don’t want you to take these risks with your livelihood. Instead, I want you to benefit from my mistakes. Trust me when I say that the future is in the Cloud.

Cloud backup is free from these most common pitfalls. There is no hardware or software failure to worry about, no risk of loss through fire or theft. It allows you to access your data wherever and whenever you need it and automates the backup and checking processes, so you don’t have to worry about making sure your hard drive backup is working correctly.

There are also obvious financial benefits too, with Cloud backup offering a cheaper alternative to buying and maintaining your own hardware, as well as offering access to regular technical support.

I know how tedious backing up can seem when things are going well, but the statistics show that once you lose your data your business might never recover. It is a small but important consideration for the long-term health of your company.

Cloud backup is becoming increasingly popular, with more companies becoming aware of the obvious advantages it holds when compared with more traditional data storage methods. Even if you already have hardware systems in place, get in touch to find out how you could benefit from Cloud support.

Richard Stuart (Owner)

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