Jurassic Encounter Rebuild

Website rebuild

This project was a web re-build. The content and the layout were both good. The site was attractive, engaging and easily navigatable by the user.

So why rebuild the site?…PAGE LOAD TIMES (SPEED)

“But is this really a good reason on it’s own to redevelop a site?”



People are impatient, this is a fact. Especially when sat at your computer, trying to select what you want to do with the kids that day. There are 100 other websites trying to compete for your attention.

Jurassic Encounter were averaging 13 seconds for the page to load. When most users landed on their site they would think there is something wrong with the site or their computer, or like mentioned earlier fall victim to their impatient urges; and leave!

So we needed to resolve this problem.

White Pacific used their technical expertise to redevelop the website; ensuring the content and design of the site stayed the same but the speed increased.

With some technical wizardary and web developement good practice, we reduced the site load times from over 20 seconds to 5 seconds.

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