Sheila De Rosa

You dont need a big budget to get a website working for you

Sheila De Rosa is a well respected local Artist. She approached White Pacific Web with a simple brief…

“I need a website that shows my work but I have a small budget”

So we put on our thinking caps to provide a site that could work for Sheila without breaking the bank.

We created a simple site that delivered the following:

And most importantly we stayed within budget.

“It’s a catch 22 situation, in order to make an application for funding to an Arts body you need a website and in order to have website you need funding. It was therefore with a limited budget that I approached White Pacific with a request to build me a site that was simple to use and contemporary but contained all the essential information required for me to submit my funding bids.

After a few constructive meetings with White Pacific they totally got what I needed and went away and quickly produced the website I needed at the price I could afford to pay. My site is just what I hoped for, plus after a short tutorial I am now in total control of the content of my gallery pages and can update them whenever I want to with no additional costs.

The staff do not blind me with technical details, they are always helpful and eager to help and respond to my requests quickly and efficiently. I can thoroughly recommend this website designer.” Sheila de Rosa

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