White Pacific aims to provide a total IT service from basic repairs to putting your whole company in the cloud! Their technical expertise and creative flare, also give them a great foundation for the design and development of engaging and functionally advanced websites to their business clients.

Enabling your business to reach its full potential

IT challenges come in different guises but all potentially impact the efficiency of your business. The team at White Pacific use their technical understanding and carefully selected cloud solutions, to help your company focus on what you’re good at. Leaving the world of computer problems and concerns to them, so “it just works”.

White Pacific understands you are an expert in your business but not necessarily an IT wizard so they do their best to speak in your language not zeros and ones 00001110.

Resolving all your IT problems

In today’s working environment, there is no time to be “out of the game”. Everything needs to happen yesterday. This is why a working environment that enables high efficiency and up at all times, is essential. White Pacific engineers provide fast and efficient support to ensure you’re working at full capacity at all times. They are always thinking about your uptime, to ensure no mistakes are made that might jeopardise your business.

  • Fast & Responsive Support
  • Conscientious approach
  • Knowledgable Engineers


Affordable Enterprise Cloud solutions

  • Acess your data on all of your devices
  • No need to worry about data backup
  • Gain control of your IT spend, with White Pacific’s competitive prices

Create a bespoke solution for your business

White Pacific has experience in the development of highly sophisticated software solutions (Richard Stuart previously worked in the City developing advanced software adn database soltuions for traders on the stock exchange who were under serious pressure and with a reputation for being a tad impatient! Time literally was money for the traders and they couldn’t afford delays.They relied on their technology being up and running at optimum speed 24/7) So if you are looking to develop a bespoke CRM system or a customised billing system give White Pacific a call and find oout just what technology can do for you.

  • Bespoke software design.
  • Software integration
  • Web Design and developement

PC repair & support

When your computer doesn’t do what its supposed to, it can be quite frustrating and worrying. Here at White Pacific we try to remove that concern. With our highly skilled technicians your computer worries are in our safe hands. We fix hardware and software problems, no problem is to small or to big.
So please feel free to call us on 01442 383682 for a free chat about your computer problems.

  • Software problems
  • Hardware evaluation and repair.
  • Speed up your existing kit.