When looking for work online, I came across an apprentice website which lets you know about available apprenticeships in your area.

I was looking at business and IT jobs which would let me gain experience, knowledge and a better understanding to what its like to work everyday in that particular industry. I came across an IT company in Tring named White Pacific which specialises in IT repairs, support, web design and development. I am part of it all but very much focused on the web design bit mainly.

I came to the decision of becoming an apprentice because I felt that gaining experience while working and getting paid at the same time was a great move. In today’s world there are very little jobs for anyone that I couldn’t turn down the opportunity. I wasn’t keen on going to university and I feel that even those who do go to uni don’t have the experience I’m getting.

Being an apprentice means you will get a qualification at the end of it, just like those who do decide to go to uni instead so don’t feel like you won’t be getting anything out of just working for someone. You get a career start and a qualification.

I have been doing my apprenticeship for about 4 months and already I have learnt so much. I have learnt about how to code websites successfully, how to use Photoshop tools and how to use the shortcuts to their best ability. I have also learnt how to speak to clients via e-mail and in person which is very important because in most jobs you have to deal with customers and clients all the time so I have learnt something I can use for any future jobs.

Overall I would recommend people to go ahead and become an apprentice if they are thinking about being one. University isn’t always the answer for everyone which is why I feel that apprenticeships are a great career move.

The key benefits for becoming an apprentice:

  • Working in the real word
  • Earn money while getting experience
  • You get a qualification at the end
  • You may end up working for the company you are working for at the end of everything

Good luck to everyone going ahead with one!

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